We encourage children to wear their a pre-school t-shirt as this offers them the opportunity to develop a sense of identity and belonging within this environment.  For this purpose we give each child a FREE t-shirt upon starting.  Additional t-shirts and sweaters can be purchased via the Office Manager using the order form in the Our Forms section.

At the Children ‘s Workshop we strongly believe in the benefits of outdoor learning.  We spend lots of our time building children’s passion for this environment.  We ask that parents support this aspect of our practice by ensuring their children are always dressed in accordance to the weather on the day they are in.  Each child is individual and their resistance to hot or cold weather is only known by their primary carers.

In aim to offer children a welcoming, clean environment throughout the day, we suggest they bring in (and leave in pre-school) a pair of indoor shoes/slippers.  They will be supported and encouraged by the caring practitioners to change into these when they arrive at the setting.

We ask that all children keep at least one change of clothing in pre-school.  We provide storage bags for this purpose.

Please NAME ALL ITEMS of your child’s clothing.