Safeguarding children, staff, parents and community is everyone’s responsibility.

We base our Safeguarding practices on the ‘Statutory Framework for the early years foundation stage’ (GB, DfE, 2017), the Statutory Guidance ‘Working together to Safeguard Children’ (HM Gov, 2015) and the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education PART 1’ (GB, DfE, 2016). We also follow the safeguarding guidance and support from Kent Safeguarding team with whom we share the principles of:

Safeguarding children is Paramount, Protection, Prevention and Partnership.

Our Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy shows our commitment to keeping all members of The Children’s Workshop pre-school community safe from harm.

It is also our duty of care to ensure that within the electronic world we live in, we protect our children and staff from any damaging behaviour and conduct in the online world.

Our Online Safety Policy  together with our staff Code of Conduct help us to ensure regards for everyone is maintained at all time.

Our Safeguarding Designated Lead is: Debora Bell

Our Deputy Safeguarding Designated Lead is: Becky Chadwick

Our Online Safety Lead is: Debora Bell



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